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Climbing Keilir, clarity optional

Pictures are at the bottom...

Another long weekend, this time for Ascension. I had to at least do SOMETHING! So weather be damned, it was time to go up a hill again. With a good chunk of time, I thought Keilir might be a nice choice. It's a big distinctive mountain, yet easy enough for anyone to come along.

I managed to round up Fannar, Iveta and Bel. Bel was particularly excited as this was her first "mountain" that she would climb.

On the drive out though, it was apparent to me at least, that we might not actually see much. I couldn't even see the _base_ of Keilir sticking out of the fog. Fannar was keeping quiet too, clever boy :)

Still, we had a lovely cruise across the hraun, and a nice leisurely stroll across the hraun from the carpark to the base. The track's pretty clear and there's plenty of cairns as well. The hike up was, well, foggy :) Other than that, pretty uneventful. We got dirty, we gossiped, we admired the view, we returned from whence we came :)

Eventually there was coffee and soup at Hressó, and so ended the last of the string of easter long weekends.

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