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Looking for waterfalls, Fljótshlíð day 2

Pictures are at the bottom...

While a few other people read books, slept, or kept to family commitments, Kjartan, Rakel and I heaaded out for some more exploring. We headed up towards Keldur, hoping to stop and look at some waterfalls along the way. We're not sure we really found what we had been looking for, but we had a nice walk up a quiet stream with cascades coming out of the hillsides, and later a roam around an old quiet churchyard. Then home. For yet another fabulous dinner before we finally split and headed home.

I've found a map snippet, which actually shows the waterfalls we had named, Tungufoss and Keldnafoss, but we didn't have a map anywhere near that good. We actually walked up the gorge of Stokkalækur. Still pleasant :)