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Brew gear - drip tray mark 3

Pictures are at the bottom...

A post on brewboard encouraged me to finally put up pictures of the new drip tray. This was built one evening just before my house warming party, where I wanted something sturdier than the old drip trays, which were plastic skyrr containers held on with (weak) magnets.

The "tray" is the original fruit/veg drawer from the fridge that became the kegerator. The screws are salvaged from a broken ikea desk chair. They managed to self-tap themselves nicely into the thin sheet steel of the fridge door. I was a little concerned about them ripping off, but no dramas so far. The tray mounts by cutting slots on the back edge to slide over the heads of the screws.

Couldn't be simpler. I should have done it earlier. Super easy to clean, I just pick the whole thing up and take it to the shower.

(Drip tray mark 1 was a towel on the floor)