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Dynamo Fog at Oliver

Pictures are at the bottom...

I'd just got back from Russia, and a band I'd really enjoyed at airwaves, Dynamo Fog, was playing for free at Oliver. I don't normally go to Oliver, and I'd never heard of them having a live band, but hey, I'll try anything!

I really enjoyed the show! Tighter stage setup than at Organ during airwaves, where there girls were off the sides, normally hidden behind the pillars, so this time you could watch the band _and_ the girls! yay :) I also heard that this was only their _second_ ever public show together! They're obviously well oiled from playing in other bands before.

The lighting was dim, but not toooo terrible, but rather red, and with spearing lances of white light in often all the wrong places :)

Afterwards a friend of mine, Mistress Margret, was DJ'ing, but I was still pretty tired, and didn't really feel like paying 800kr for a beer at Oliver, so I wandered off home to my warm bed.

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