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Reykjadalur with Logi, Iveta and Jonas - Hot rivers, cold winds

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Got a call looking for some adventure, and looking for some adventure myself, I gladly signed up. If the weather forecast was good, going to Reykjadalur for a soak in the hot river. If the weather was bad, a cave somewhere. The weather was fantastic. So a bright early start at 10:30, and Logi, Iveta and Jonas headed off to Hverager├░i.

Quite a few cars in the parking lot, but not that suprising, given that there was not a breath of wind, and blue skies above. And on a sunday! Perfect! Just out of the carpark mind you, we got some snow flurries, but it passed. The track was icy in parts, particular on some of the steep slopes, but we could always go around. The ice actually made it easier to walk through some of the mushy parts, as they were frozen up if they weren't hot/dangerous enough to stay liquid.

We had to go a fair way up the creek, but that was to be expected really, it is winter after all! The water was lovely though, more than delicious. Occasionally we got some flurries of snow blasting us from the banks, but you just snuggled down lower into the water, and it soon passed.

Once we had reached medium, bordering on well done, we heaaded up to the cabin, up in the sunshine for a nice place to have lunch and admire the view. Jonas and Iveta had brought eggs to try boiling in the hot pots as well. We had a pleasant lunch, though the eggs turned out to be not so evenly cooked. A couple were perfect, a couple were only cooked on one side. The perils of trying to treat a fissure into the pits of hell as a convenient cooking surface. It's a little difficult to get right up to them :) While we relaxed in the cabin though, the wind picked up, quite significantly, and the sun dissappeared behind the hills.

Oh well, just means we have to walk back fast, and not loiter in the cold and growing dark. We were nicely warm by the time we got back to the cars though. Jonas and Iveta then headed off to go and check up on their summer house before locking it up for the winter, while Logi and I headed home. Unfortunately, Jonas and Iveta slid off the road near selfoss, though thankfully escaping with nothing worse than cuts and scratches. The car wasn't so lucky.

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