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Date with a Scientist - Rannís presentation night

Pictures are at the bottom...

Every year Rannís holds their "date with a scientist" evening. It's normally part of the european night of science, and it's basically a night where all the people and groups who got funding from Rannís present their work to the general public. Some of them are interesting, some less so, some groundbreaking, some less so, as you would expect from a public funding body. It's normally a very crowded night too, and not generally very good for picture taking.

But one thing caught my eye, though it was just part of the display for the physics department at the University of Iceland. I looked at it for a while, but couldn't work out how or why it would work, I guess my brain has gotten weak over time. Wouldn't be surprising :)

It's a kelvin water drop experiment, and the fluro tube would light up ever 15-20 seconds or so. Pretty cool. You can go and read about it yourself. Other projects, for comparision, were automatically identifying movies based on video snippets, carbon sequestration in basalt, and analysis of water catchment and runoff both now, while the glaciers melt, and after they've gone. Less interesting were the comparison of dog breeding in iceland vs norway since the middle ages.