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Scots celebrating downtown - by having drinks with my friends and I

Pictures are at the bottom...

The Scot's had been in town all week, and at home I'd watched Iceland lose to them, 2-1 in a world cup qualifier, so when I had arranged to meet Kata, Alda, Erla and Kolli down at Hressó later on, I was somewhat prepared for the street scene. But nothing can truly prepare you.

The girls had the first table outside, and had already drawn a friendly bunch of scots to the table. We accumulated more during the night, and between their happiness, our general hospitality, and Erla having a birthday at midnight, there was much merriment :)

Hats were swapped, photos were taken, shots were proposed, toasts were taken. And then we all wandered off home to our respective warm beds. A very relaxing night, even if we did lose the game :)

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