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Two Easters in Russia - St Petersburg part 2

Pictures are at the bottom...

For more out of town action, we took a long bus to Kronstadt, an island in the baltic, to have a look around. Kata had seen russian submarines there before, and it's something different. You can tell that there's no real tourist attractions here, because the town is falling apart. Literally, every building was slowly crumbling away. We had a nice look at a naval museum in the town church, which is also crumbling away, but was obviously a beatiful church in it's time. There was a cool diorama showing what the view of the town looked like from the church tower during the war, really immersive.

The ride to and from was nice too, watching the architecture change from concrete and brick into wood, and trees appear. Still dead flat though :)

For some of my last days in russia, I had a couple of things left. One was to visit Chesma Church, which I'd seen on some picture cards of Kata's. I just love it, so different to all the other churchs. And I got a beautiful spring day, clear and blue to visit with. I also visited the siege memorial, rather oddly placed inside a big roundabout, but a really nice memorial all the same. There's some pictures of life during the siege, and various artifacts and videos. And in grand russian style, great big statues. I couldn't really get pictures of the other statues there, because of the way the sun was shining, but they were similar to the space ones in moscow. A young soldier at the front of a line, going back through all the supporting workers, back to farmers at the end of the line.

And of course, you also get some pictures of graffiti and general random bits that caught my eye around town.

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