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Fireworks for New Year's

Pictures are at the bottom...

As every year, I support the local volunteer rescue squads by buying fireworks. Also, it means I get to play with fireworks. And like most years, I try and pay attention to which ones were cool, and which ones not so cool. One tiny downside this year was that I didn't get to the store until the 31st, and quite a few of the fireworks were sold out by then, including quite a few I was looking for.

Also, as usual, I don't have any photos from the rest of the night, as I didn't want to look after a camera.

But what about new years itself? Well, that was a different matter! Kata and I went to dinner with her father and siblings, where we feasted on italian ham and melted goat cheese with basil, followed by a delicious roast turkey and all the trimmings. Watched the year in review, chatted, dined, wined, and chatted and dined some more. Followed of course, by massive amounts of fireworks, before the younger generation headed off into town to various house parties for the remainder of the evening. One fabulous year done, one brand new one opening up in front of me.