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Dinner and a show - dates with good friends, featuring Elin Ey at Dillon

Pictures are at the bottom...

I'd been out for a ride, and ended up around vesturbær, and gave Lee and Alda a call, see about maybe visiting for a coffee, I hadn't seen them for a while. Turns out they were reaching for the phone to invite me to dinner when I rang, perfect timing! Alda had found a hunk of Bayonne Ham, 50% off, and decided to do a sunday dinner. We had a lovely evening playing trivial pursuit and then chasing it with a very fine spread, including not just the ham, but some creamy cheesy sauce, as well as Alda's apple salad. And icecream to follow it all down.


Another lovely couple I hadn't seen in a while, Bella and Sölvi, were going to see a friend of theirs, Elín Ey, play at Dillon later on that night, so after a stop in at home (to unsuccessfully make Bollur, but successfully buy plane tickets to Russia) I headed up to catch the end of the show, and have a chat.

She's a lovely musician, and I like a lot of her work, though for some reason, the crowd never gets quite as into it as some of the other bands that play at Dillon. Oh well.

This was also another chance to try out using my flash gels to try and keep the colour a bit more real. Though still, with dark red stage lighting on one side, and light blue on the other side, there was really no chance of balancing it with daylight orange :) I had a blue gel as well, but that just made things look..... weird :)

Still, this made much better shots all round than either ISO 1600 on my old camera, or bare naked white flash.

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