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Round doors in Reykjavik

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A few days ago, I found the ruins of Pablo Bar, what had been an impromptu backyard stage and bar, on a side alley off Hverfisgata. Trying to find out more information, I found a guy called Eric Stein, on Flickr, and having a look through his pictures, I came across something else, just as wonderful, this picture of a house with wings It's somewhere in Reykjavik, and I had a couple of ideas where it might be, so one sunday afternoon, I took off on my bike to have a bit of a looksee.

I didn't find it, (not yet at least) but I did have a good ride around. I've always liked all the little bits and pieces of Icelandic architecture, and today was no different. I happened to notice a few doors in one area that all looked the same. Yet still different, not your bog standard appartment door, of which there are thousands around town, but special. Yet, still, there was a few of them!

Obviously, a lot of these were built at the same time as each other, and in one of these areas, I know for a fact that these were some "cheap" (then) housing built for workers. But, there were some quite fancy houses in the neighbourhood that had the same door, so it had obviously been chosen.

I kept riding up and down streets, looking for blue houses with wings at number 14, but I wasn't going to find it today. However, in another part of town completely, I came across another area, with more of the same door!

They're not all the same, some have bevelled glass, some have different carvings or reliefs on the door, and of course, different colours :)

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