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A stroll in the snow with Lee and Alda and family - Reykjadalur

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Lee caled me up, and asked if I wanted to go for a walk. He'd rustled up his family, his sister in law and her family, and readily talked me into it too. How could I say no?! A beautiful crisp clear winter day, the last day of february. Completely still too, I could _almost_ wear just a t-shirt, almost! Spring is coming!

The walk was a little longer than some of us were expecting, and in the confusion, I was the only one with swimmers! No-one will make that mistake again! After a lovely walk, we all got invited in to Alda's sister (I'd remember the name if I'd written this back in February, instead of in May) and cooked us up _serious_ hot chocolate! Real chunks of chocolate, and real whipped cream. We ended up with a quite a feast, including some lemmur (small skonsa?) from Alda's parents, who live upstairs.

A lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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