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Double blind beer tasting - XXXX, VB, TED, Viking, Egils, Tuborg - Icelandic Edition

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Back in December, while I was in Australia, I organised a double blind beer tasting of some regular commercial beers Back in Iceland, I was keen to run the exact same test, with the same beers, but with icelandic tasters, not australian ones. The setting was also different, crammed into my lounge room in the depths of winter, not sprawled out on the back deck at Was's in the middle of summer.

So, how did _this_ version go? Almost exactly the same :) The local beers were universally hated, and the australian beers were universally preferred. I was a little more organised with the tasting notes this time, so although we don't get comments, we do get a wildly rough ranking and points for each beer. We rated them from 1 (worst) through to 7 (best)

And the results?

  1. XXXX - 25 points
  2. Egils Premium - 20 points
  3. Toohey's Extra Dry - 19 points
  4. VB - 15 points
  5. Viking - 9 points
  6. Tuborg - 6 points

A few revelations for the regular beer drinkers in the crowd :) The only beers that were reliably picked as either Australian or Icelandic were Toohey's Extra Dry and Egil's Premium. Everything else was pretty mixed. The XXXX was quite popular, much more popular than I would have suspected! Go Queensland!

Afterward, we continued with some of my home made cheese, and a few more beers, along with lots of gossip and chit chat :)

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