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Family lunch in Borgarnes

Pictures are at the bottom...

Every year my aunt Hjördís has a big family feast at her place in Borgarnes. It's a drop in affair, with extended family dropping in and out during the afternoon, eating lots and lots of food, drinking lots and lots of coffee, and eating lots and lots of chocolates. The kids play lots and lots of Commander Keen, on a computer that has been kicking around for lots and lots of years. It's lots and lots of fun :)

I got a lift up with Herdís, Nonni and Jökull, and we stopped for a swim first. Nonni, Jökull and I then took their dog, Gréttir, for a walk along the seashore before going up for food. There's a really cool unusually designed and built play grouund in Borgarnes, apparently all handbuilt by and ol (now deceased) resident, all from waste wood and metal. It really needs to be seen, but I imagine it would be almost heaven sent, with forts a plenty.