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Aborted snow covered trip to Langihellir

Pictures are at the bottom...

There'd been a plan to go caving on Saturday, but I trumped it with a requirement for a bachelor party for Matthew. So Bel and Eggert hosted actionary/charades at their place, and we put caving off until sunday afternoon. A 1pm start became a 4pm start between various sunday attitudes, but we got there. We were attempting to visit Langihellir, one of the caves in Strompahraun, right by Bláfjall.

We had a good walk.

Perfect weather, we probably should have just gotten up earlier and gone skiing, but caving was the plan, so the plan was caving. The gps led us quite nicely to the entrance. There was even a quite nice sign indicating the entrance. The snow kinda got in the way a little bit though :) No matter. Bjöggi got to hear voices in the snow, which made him happy, and we all had a nice walk outside for a sunday afternoon.