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Mirrors, razors, and burning politicians at the stake

Pictures are at the bottom...

I finally have a bathroom mirror again. It needed two pairs of hands to put it up, and came with the discovery that the tiles are not perfectly flat, but hey! I have a mirror! So I used this newfound technology to shave, which I'd been heading towards for a while now. Kata had never actually seen me clean shaven, I'd just started growing it when we met :)

Then, given that there was now a fire raging in front of parliament, with protests into their tenth hour for the day, we went down to stand up and be counted for a while. Given the sheer arrogance of our politicians so far, I'm a little afraid that we'll run out of things to burn, and beat all our pots into pulp before even this sort of noisy protest has any influence. When reasonable, civilised ordinary people are considering direct action, there are real problems with authority.