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Toffees and Scones - Kitchen fun

Pictures are at the bottom...

Continuing with my refound love of kitchens, after buying a baking tray, I could now actually, you know, BAKE! I've always generally enjoyed or loved cooking, but I hadn't really baked since I left australia. I'd tried once or twice in the states, but it never really worked out properly, so I pretty much just gave up.

But, scones. I love scones. I remember wednesday breakfasts with Industria in Ireland, gorging myself on scones with butter and jam. The icelanders hated them, and wished for danishes or vĂ­narbrauĂ°, but scones... mmmm.

So, they're super simple to make. I ate lots of them. I had Guido and Jessica, and later Eggert over to try them, but by the time Eggert got there, they were long gone.

I also made toffeees! More yummy stuff. The first pot boiled over and made a dreadful mess of my stove, but I perservered in a bigger pot, and successfully got proper toffees. I went a liiiitle bit too far to hard crack, so they're gobstoppers as they are, but with the leftovers that I poured/smeared onto a sheet of alfoil, they were thin enough that they were still crunchy but chewy. These flat flakes went wondefully with icecream for desert with my roast lamb feast a couple of days later.