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Boat tours on Jökulsárlón, Dyrhólaey and back home

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The next day was a bit damp, which was perfect actually, because Jökulsárlón looks quite different in the wet. It also looks a bit different from the boat ride! The boat ride is cool, but you still don't really get all that close to the head of the glacier itself.

We also stopped at Fjallslón, where you can normally get a good view of the glacier head calving off into a lake.

Now, headed back up the south coast, and already being done with the waterfalls... What does that leave? Regular readers might know from past travels, that means that today would be Dyrhólaey! And particularly as Lisa and Amy were both very keen to see some Puffins.

Dyrhólaey was as cool as always, great views, cool beach, but it was rather windy. So windy in fact, that the puffins were all hanging out at sea, instead of chilling on the cliff tops. We could see them at maximum zoom on the camera bobbing in the waves, but it was not quite what we'd hoped. We also didn't feel like waiting around for the weather to maybe change, so we continued on our merry way homewards, where a night in Reyjavik awaited. The girls would go horseriding the day after, then blue lagoon the way home, completing a greatest hits list of Iceland in one long weekend.

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