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Midsummer tour of the south coast - waterfalls and icebergs with Lisa and Amy

Pictures are at the bottom...

Lisa and her friend Amy, both Antipodean, but both currently residing in on the grey isle to the south, came to visit me for a long weekend in June. Unbeknownst to them, their arrival one thursday evening also happened to be Independence day, without any other plans, I'd agreed to pick them up at the airport, and we were then going to try and get out to join some late friends for a party.

We were a _little_ late for that, but that worked out well, I had to go to work on Thursday, and although the girls were planning on going horse riding, they took my car off around the golden circle instead. This worked out quite well. We went out for a bit thursday night, then as I had friday off, we took off nice and early for a long weekend, headed down the south coast, destination: Jökulsárlón.

A true classic on the mad dash tourist circuit, there's still other things to see on the way! First we stopped at Kerið, which the girls had missed the day before, in probably the best weather I've ever been there in. (I don't stop there an awful lot, but if you haven't seen a crater before, it's neat)

But then there's Seljalandsfoss! And Skógarfoss! Two really nice pretty waterfalls, just where the landscape gets beautiful and steep and jagged and interesting again. And again, such great weather! Anyone would think it was midsummer or something!

And then the sandur, cruising the empty roads towards Skaftafell, watching the lupines wave in the evening sun beneath the glaciers. And then the blinking lights and tiny little bridge.

You've arrived, driving over a tiny bridge squeezed in between a lake full of icebergs and the open Atlantic Ocean. Jökulsárlón. It never stops being beautiful, and always different under the changing light. We stopped for a while, but our accomodation for the night was still aheaad of us, and we needed to check in at least.

Check in completed, we actually went back to Jökulsárlón to have dinner! I'd planned on bbq'ing, but the b&b we were at didn't have/wouldn't let us use a BBQ there, and I didn't have a wire frame to grill over a pile of coals, so we made do with sandwhichs on the beach, watching the waves lap at icebergs, and the Eider ducks paddle up and down in rows.

There was also some wombat modelling shots, and later I enjoyed a classy old hot tub made out of some sort of converted tank back at the b&b, before bed.

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