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Training Kata - Lambafell with Begga

Pictures are at the bottom...

Training Kata, part 2. With only a few days before the big training mission, where we would walk Laugavegurinn with a group, before she would guide it later in the summer. We had started off nice and easy with a picnic dinner on Helgafell, so this time we needed something a bit more, but not toooo much more. Lambafell fitted the bill, and Kata's sister Begga came along too. I'd been up lamabfell before, and I remembered pretty much just following the bulldozer road up from the quarry.

Well, it's changed. They've eaten the old track, chewed up to make road fill somewhere, so we followed another track up, before that dropped us in a pile of chewed up earth. Not very picturesque, but good exercise, nice and steep. Kata was charging off up the hill, making Begga and I run to keep up. Training was definitely paying off!

Once we got above the quarry though, it all got nicer. Lush dense moss, wildflowers, and some birds a bit annoyed that we had come to their mountain playground. The nice thing about lambafell is that you are so close to the road, but no-one ever goes up there, so there's barely a track, and it feels really properly wild. Plus, you get a great view.

Of course, it's fairly steep, especially at the beginning. And especially going up the bulldozer track. The girls decided that it was no longer called lambfell, but nautafell, (sheep -> bull mountain) to more properly reflect it's serious nature.

Whatever you call it, it's always great to get outside with people you care about.