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Slips and Harbour Houses - Boats and Art - Puzzles and people

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I went for a walk one afternoon, and, somewhat predictably, ended up in the Slips. Hvalur 8 was still being repaired, getting ready for the new whaling season, though today it looked more like completely rebuilt than simply repaired. I'd really like to know what the numbers mean. They were written all over her (him? Boats are always feminine in English, but the name, of this one at least, is masculine in Icelandic). I can only think it has something to with the hull thickness at that point.

Later on I ran into Bel and Eggert. Eggert was going home to watch some english team he likes play soccer, so Bel and I went to Hafnarhúsið. The Erró display had a very nice set of puzzle blocks. If you carefully arranged them, you could make all six big prints in that room. With the help of another little girl who was in the gallery with us, the three of us constructed a couple of the pieces, and posed for a picture or two.