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Fridays, a day of rest, but also a day of randomness.

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Every second friday is a day off. I like it like that. I get time, on a regular week day, to not actually have to go to work. I can go and visit shops on their normal working days. I can simply walk around town and watch other people work. I can do absolutely nothing at all. I can sweep the floors of my appartment, and file bank statements, and buy printer cartridges, and post mail, and still have an entire normal weekend to do whatever I want with. I like it like that.

Today, I got up to all sorts of friday things. Guido is now working full time on his thesis, even if it wasn't by choice, so we met up one morning and headed over to check out this Samhjalp shop. We'd heard it had an interesting collection of original vintage junk. We were looking for a housewarming present for our friend Gunný, but we also came away with a few things for ourselves. It's a rather special shop. It seems to have been donated a whole pile of warehouse surplus "stuff" dating back to the 70s at least. Do you like translucent brown glass coffee cups? Samhjalp's your new home.

Afterwards, I had my usual afternoon stroll around town, peering down "dark" alleys and sidestreets, and generally just soaking in life.

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