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Mariah and I, torments on Helgafell.

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Late in the day or not, I neeeeeded to get back out of town again. Time for a recharge. Oh, and to hell with the weather too. Wind Schmind, I'm going for a walk.

It started out innocently enough, but the wind decided to keep getting stronger and stronger. I was quite alone out here, and the view wasn't exactly the best, but I was well clothed, and damnit! I was going walking!

I often thought about turning back, but with the top not so very far away, I just decided to keep on going. Getting blown over? No problem! Just keep on walking.

I did manage to reach the top, wind and all. I hid behind the rock wall, and even managed to sign my name without anything blowing away. Then, time to start back down. The wind realllly wasn't very happy that I'd snuck past it, so it dug deep and called on some deep reserves. Damnit wind! I don't have anything against you! I just want to go for a walk!

On all fours at points, I seriously thought I was going to have to crawl all the way back down the mountain. But this was a walking day, so after a brief struggle, I got back on my feet, and continued downwards. I was walking, indeed I was, but this really wasn't like any walking I'd ever done before. I sometimes have dreams where I am "running" across the earth, bent over almost completely flat by my speed. This was like that. Almost completely bent over. If the gusts eased off too much, I would almost faceplant, but never quite. Oh, mariah, you tease.

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