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Survivor Hvalfjörður - living of the land, Icelandic style, mussels for everybody!

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What an adventure! I got a text with a word I wasn't really sure about, but it was Mussells something, and it was either collecting or eating. Either way, it sounded like a fun sunday, so I went along for the ride. Me, Ulfar Linnet, the famous stand up comic, and Sjoerd. Sjoerd is a dutch intern working with Ulfar. Some more icelanders were invited, but they all declined, "on account of the weather"

Slack bastards. Perhaps they're not used to snow falling straight downwards. We had fabulous weather. Low tide, more mussels than you could point a stick at, and great company, laughs all round. Once we'd filled our buckets and then filled them again, roaming the shore of Hvalfjörður, so dense with mussells that at times you couldn't walk for fear of crushing an entire bloodline beneath your heels, we decided that perhaps we had enough, and returned to the car.

A brief interlude, strolling up the river (creek) valley of Fossá, admiring the winter coat of the land, and then it was home.

Home to realise that I was going to need a lot of help to eat all these mussells, and so the phone calls began. Viðar turned up first, and got stuck into helping out cleaning up mussels, and then Eggert and Bel, with linguini and some home made pesto sauce, and then Lee, full of mussell cooking tips, direct from the far away land of New Zealand, and eventually Bjöggi, to help clean up the leftovers.

Well, attempt to. I still have a shower full of mussells, and I'll spend tomorrow night steaming them and scooping out the meat to freeze. Seafood pasta will be on the menu around here for a little while yet I believe :)

A damn fine night all round. Cheers to Ulfar for showing me the way, and the rest of you for helping me eat them. It would be a crime to waste them :)

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