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Polar Dust, Narfur and Maiden Iced at Batteriíð

Pictures are at the bottom...

My friends Ellen and Sara have a band called Polar Dust, with another guy called Reynir. I like it a lot, first hearing them when they had a cd playing at a party and I had to go and ask who we were listening to. They've played a few shows here and there, getting better and better, and more polished, and more comfortable with setting up and tearing down, and dealing with the crowd and all that. Tonight I saw them at Batteriíð, the old Organ, and it was their best yet. It was also the first time I saw Ellen play on a real drum kit, she's normally playing on an electric kit. Much rock!

Before them was Narfur who were decent, some really good bits, but not entirely all in a single song. Yet! :)

And after them were Maiden Iced (Or Maiden Ice?) an Iron Maiden cover band, doing their first public show as that group, ahead of an iron maiden tribute festival on the weekend. They wery solid, if you liked loud iron maiden.

Just a few pictures from trying out the new camera for concerts :)

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