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Autumn Funday with work - bowling and pool

Pictures are at the bottom...

Pálmi organised some autumn fun, for just our group, one friday afternoon. It was actually surprisingly hard to get us all to knock off work, even at 4pm on a friday, we all had some things we were trying to finish. But, we finished, and we got over to Keiluhöllin for some bowling, and then some pool. Later, Pálmi had us all over for some yummy Chilli con Pollo, where he even slip what the secret ingredient was. He also graciously shared with us his collection of modern Korean pop music.

I was still getting the hang of a new camera, but _this_ gallery is where we _finally_ get to see some embedded videos. Unfortunately, at the moment, as soon as I edit the videos at all, they stop playing, so these are the raw camera files, blindly converted to MP4 and OGV for browsers. video container formats have brought me close to tears recently, what a terrible world of hurt.

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