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Kicking off Airwaves - Rokk'n'Beikon at Prikið with UMTBS

Pictures are at the bottom...

Not many pics, but they needed a little more explanation than I could fit in a caption :) Airwaves comes round once a year, a time of heavy duty music experimentation. It starts off every morning with Rokk'n'Beikon at Prikið at 10am. Rockstars at 10am is always a fun idea, especially on a work morning for the rest of us upstanding citizens. I had worked feverishly for the week and a half before, so I had no qualms abotut going in a bit later for a couple of days, and went up for the first show, Ultra Mega Tekno Bandið Stefáns. I'd seen them two? years before, when the singer was topless and hanging off the rafters at Gaukurinn, in a show that was no longer standing room only, but had become, "get held up by the crowd, and hope you don't die of suffocation" It was truly rock and roll. Even if they have squelchy keyboards and the word Tekno in their name. They'd been kinda quiet since then, so I was kinda looking forward to seeing what they got up to.

And it didn't disappoint. Not the best sound, but it's hard to get the balance right in Prikið. Not the best lighting either, at least, not for photos. The blinds open behind the band, but closed everywhere else, put us all in the dark with a backlit band :)

Still, a fun show, and ooooh, gossip! He has a cute girlfriend, who has been dragged into singing with the band! Quite a change really, almost like he's grown up. (He's probably, 21? now ;)

And then it was back to work for the day. More rock that night.

The queue at bonus was as I was walking up to Prikið. There had been an ad in the paper that morning that bonus on Laugavegur was having 30% off everything in the store, for two days, in preparations for a remodel. I thought I'd stop in on the way home, pick up a few things. I wasn't the only one! The picture is from just on opening time, and when I came past later they had the longest cashier lines I'd ever seen, and bonus is known for long checkout lines. I decided to leave the queueing and shopping to people in direr straights than I, and went to work instead. (They ended up starting renovations early friday, having sold everything the first day)