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Sailraces on the bay - new camera workflow testing

Pictures are at the bottom...

Eager to try out my camera a bit more, and coming home with a veritable flotilla of sail boats racing around the bay, I headed down to the shore to take some pictures. It is sooo much more pleasant to use than my old camera, the view finder is enormous and bright, (also clean) something I'd never put too much stock on before. A lot of these photos are taken with my very old and beaten 100-300mm lens, which is not especially sharp at the best of times, so if anything this just captures all of that. I was also hoping to use some pictures I didn't care _so_ much about to get all my workflow tested out again, before using some pictures I'd taken the first weekend that I didn't want to damage.

Anyway, it was nice watching the boats zipping around, they were racing quite close to the shore and then half the way across to Kjalarnes.

The workflow carnage so far: