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Þverfell in Kaldidalur with Bjöggi

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12 December, 2010

Mid December, a heatwave in Iceland, so Bjöggi and I decided on a little madness, and planned a day trip to hike up Ok, and old volcano in Kaldidalur.

Also, yay! a jeep trip in the patrol.

So, one of the things that happens when it goes from -7 to +7 celsius in a day or two, is that all the snow and ice gets a reallly wet slippery layer on top. The jeep made it about one kilometer past the "impassable" sign before sliding backwards down an icy slope. Hehe, not so tough now :) We hadn't really gotten the earliest of starts either, and although it had been a gorgeous day in town, the entire drive out had been low cloud and rain, so we looked around for an easier target.

We settled on Þverfell, and decent sized lump of hill by the road, and headed out for our exercise.

Nice sunset glow on everything, and a decent enough view, but it was just a pretty general moss covered gravel pile, like many icelandic hills. From the top though, we got the occasional glimpse of Ok, sticking it's head out above the clouds. We also got to see some cool anti-solar halos around our very long shadows across the valley.

Even being about to get out this far in the middle of December was pretty neat, so counted ourselves lucky, and headed home again!