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Trip 3 - Hengill

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Trip 3, and the first weekend day trip of the "Toppaðu með 66North" program was Hengill. At the disgustingly early 9am on Saturday morning, Logi and I met down at the shop and followed the convoy out to Sleggubeinsdalur, at the end of the road to Hellisheiðivirkjun, in the middle of the power plant extension. This was a route I'd looked at once or twice, and normally discarded as being a long walk without any particularly new views. Also, the times I'd considered it, I'd always been short on time or daylight or both.

We were split into groups of ~15 for the day, and apparently these are the guides we'll stay with for the rest of the program, or at least for now. This was much more pleasant than just a giant mob rolling around the countryside, but you still couldn't escape the fact there was still a giant mob of people all around you. Eyes on the footsteps in front of you!

It started off rather grey and windy, and quite cold, but the sun broke out later in the morning and it turned into quite a nice day. It was a nice trip really, certainly good exercise, and proving how little I'd been doing recently. Lots of short walks aren't really the same as a good 14km walk in snow and ice.

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