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Reykjaborg and Borgarvatn in Húsadalur - behind Mosfellsbær

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Well, as usual, with no alarm clock and no particular bus to catch, I slept in. So, given that this is still winter, that meant I missed a lot of possibly daylight, and ended up on a much shorter walk than I had originally planned. Still, some completely new country for me. I headed out to Mosfellsbær, particular Húsadalur, where Varmá runs down from the hills. I'd planned it just from some maps at home, but when I got there, I saw that the town had actually put up a carpark and some maps and track signs for added walking pleasure. Still, I had a bit of a time finding the actual beginning of the track, as the carpark is down in the houses still. I guess the few well to do homeowners with mansions on the hillside don't appreciate the common folk deigning to walk on "their" backyard. Lots of the hillside here is _covered_ in car tracks, but it's all "private road" or some weird blend. Jeep tracks with fences wired across them, jeep tracks on both sides of the creek, jeep tracks left, jeep tracks right.

Still, 30 minutes later you are behind a hill and completely out of sight of civilisation. I missed the good light of the afternoon, with virga swirling all around town and scattered showers amongst sunshine, but it was still a good walk. I ended up at Borgavatn, only a few km in, and then up Reykjaborg for it's view. I'd sort of planned on going to Bjarnavatn, or looping around to Hafravatn, but with daylight running short, I left that for another day. It's definitely an area I will come back to though, I'd never been here at all before, and it certainly has more to offer.

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