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Summerhouse fun - eating boxes and balls.

Pictures are at the bottom...

23/24 Jan, 2010

So, Bjöggi had been keeping a secret from us! He had a fantastic summerhouse that he wasn't sharing! His mum eventually told him to get his shit together and invite some friends out there, so we headed out there for a giant bbq and general carousing.

Bel and Eggert had friends from Scotland visiting, and it was the night of the Iceland v Denmark match in the European Championship. It was also Þorri, so we had a bunch of traditional delicacies, I think mostly to try and punish visitors with.

The Scots distinguished themselves well in the fine dining part of the evening, displaying courage and fortitude in downing pickled ram's testicles without reaching for a bucket. More than could be said of some of the Icelanders in the room. Sorry, I don't have video for everyone's moments of glory/failure :)

The Scots continued to distinguish themselves by presenting a fine game for the evening's entertainment. This consisted of a beer carton on end, that everyone took turns trying to pick up off the floor with their mouth. No knees, no hands. And when everyone has gotten it, you tear off part of the carton, making it shorter. Three tries at each height level!

This was great fun, and kept us amused for quite a while, but in the end, with Donald and I standing on cushions trying to pick up a square of cardboard below our feet level, we finally declared it a draw.

Bootnotes: No idea yet how to colour correct videos. Didn't really know that videos weren't meant to be shot vertically... Didn't really feel like colour correcting _all_ the photos...

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