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Driving to Borgafjörður Eystri, sunsets and power stations

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4 July, 2010

There was a family reunion on the weekend, and then for the week after, Mum, Helen and I were going to do some travelling of our own. I'd taken the week off, and we were headed to Borgarfjörður Eystri to do some hiking and sightseeing in one of the corners of Iceland I hadn't gotten to yet.

It's also a bit more contained than some of our earlier plans, with less reliance on other people to pick us up or drop us off at either end of long walks. Less comittment too :)

So, Sunday afternoon, we took off from Hrútafjörður and blitzed east, under mostly pretty grey and drab weather.

But, when we came down off the highlands, we could see better weather and sunshine over the eastern mountains. And snow. Plenty of snow. The beginning of July is still pretty early for mountain country really.

We enjoyed the drive across the plains, under the setting sun, and pulled into a quiet, pleasant campground in Bakkagerði, ready to start our adventures the next day.