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Húsavík eystri and puffins in Bakkagerði

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5 July, 2010

The sun from the day before had been completely replaced by fog about 50m overhead, as far as the eye could see. Not exactly inspiring weather for sightseeing. I can't remember exactly what our original plans were, but Helen wasn't feeling very well, and Mum and I didn't feel very excited about going on a two day walk or so in the fog, leaving Helen by herself.

So we went for a drive down south, perhaps it would be clear over the mountains, and it was meant to be pretty over there. We'd read that at Húsavík, there was even an old graveyard on the clifftop that was eroding into the see, spilling out the odd bones. Sounded interesting at least.

The drive over just got us more fog, and a bit of snow. Lots more fog in fact, we spent the rest of the day in just over ground level fog, mixed in with a bit of rain here and there for good measure. Of course, it made everything look very lush and green too :)

We didn't find the graveyard, but we did have a very nice walk along the beach. It probably gets a lot less beachcombers than most beaches, so there was plenty of beautiful rocks, in particular, hundreds and hundreds of what we guessed must be quartz, washed and tumbled. At first we thought they were glass rubbish, but we found far too many, and some of them were fat to big :)

We didn't really see much point in driving futher south to see more fog, so we headed back into town, and happily, got some slightly better weather. Drove out to the harbour to have a look around, and found that there's a puffin nesting colony right there, and some stairs and bird watching places, so had a nice evening watching puffins come in with fish for their babies.

Plenty of other birds nesting as well, and quite a few dead little birds that hadn't been tough enough to make it. But then back to camp for dinner and to plan the next few days.

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