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T66 - Skálatindur, north side of Esja

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12 May, 2010

One of the last mid week trips for the T66 group before Hvannadalshnúkur, a jaunt up to Skálatindur, one of the northern ridges of Esja. Not very promising weather, but, as before, that was one of the points of joining an organised walking group, to force myself to go and walk regardless.

Today, it actually worked out very well. We managed to walk up enough to get _just_ above the cloud/fog layer, making for some really amazing light over the mountains. Just as well, without it, this was as much fun as walking up sets of stairs for exercise. Skálatindur is a minor knob on a ridge, and there's no real summit, or even a nice edge to look off. One of the other guys and I tried to go off looking for and edge, hoping to catch the clouds falling down into the valley, but the mountain just gradually curved away, teasing us.

Still, because we _did_ get great light, this was a great day :)

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