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Fireworks on Ice - Day 1 - The road to Landmannnalaugar

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26-28 August, 2011

Kata wanted to do some filming in Landmannalaugar, Sasha was visiting from Russia, I am always up for a weekend away, and I'd never actually stayed in Landmannalaugar. A fireworks show was planned for Jökulsárlón on the same weekend, so we added Regina and Stebbi, and made a whole weekend of it!

This was a great trip, excellent weather, good times.

I took friday off work, so we had a nice leisurely trip out to Landmannalaugar friday day time, stopping to see the springs where Rangá comes up, and having a few nice stops along the way. We had a snack on arrival, and then an evening walk up to Brennisteinsalda and down Grænagil, before sitting down to a leisurely evening meal, of slow grilled goose, that Stebbi had caught on a recent hunting trip.

After a lovely evening with candles as summer slides into autumn, we headed to bed. Tomorrow, Fjallabaksleið east, and across to Skaftafell.

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