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Fireworks on Ice - Day 3 - Svartifoss, Svínafellsjökull and Dyrhólaey

Pictures are at the bottom...

26-28 August, 2011

Despite the forecast, or pehaps because the forecast only came from someone stuck in Reykjavik, we got more great weather on Sunday. Kata and I walked up to Svartifoss, enjoying the sunshine, fields of Angelica/Hvönn and the great views.

Afterwards, we took a quick drive over to Svínafellsjökull, which I'd visited with Scott back in 2006. It's... receded quite a bit... Consequently, it's now really not all that pretty. A healthy dusting of ash over the country from a few recent eruptions probably doesn't help glaciers keep their milky white skin either of course :)

Coming home up the south coast we stopped at Dyrhólaey, which, as per tradition, was windy and grey. It's not often sunny there. Fortunately, it's still always lovely.

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