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The Golden Circle with Kata and Sasha, Ingunn and Zach and Kolly

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21 August, 2011

Sasha, an old friend of Kata's from St Petersburg visted us for a couple of weeks in August. Kata and Sasha went travelling around the country for a while, but this particular weekend, Zach, another old friend from St Petersburg was also in town. So we loaded up the car with the entire russia contingent, with Ingunn, Kata's old roommate, and then Kolly and I representing Iceland.

We did the classic golden circle, Þingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss, with Kerið on the way home. The only slight variations were that we stopped for bugers in Laugarvatn, instead of eating the disgusting rubbish at Geysir. (We were far too hungry to wait til Gullfoss) The new road across Lyngdalsheiði is superb but totally cuts off all the caving, and the road up to Hrafnabjörg. I'll need to explore there some more later.

I also got time to have a look around parts of Þingvellir I hadn't been to before, including finding a thinking tree behind the buildings at the cemetary. Actually, after a quick web search, it seems I'm the only one who calls it that. I mean something (like the statue of the thinker) that you walk around in circles while thinking about something. Whatever you call it, I liked it.

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