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The Belgert Wedding, Day 1 - Arrival in Edinburgh

Pictures are at the bottom...

The great Belgert wedding! Bel and Eggert had harangued us all ever since moving to Scotland that we should come and visit. A common response was, "When you get married!". So, they got married.

So, we flew to Edinburgh for a week of mayhem with a viking horde. Karl, Bjöggi, Eva and Tóta from Reykjavik, meeting Oli and Steph on arrival, who had just arrived from Australia for the occasion. Viðar would join us on thursday, flying in from Norway, and Jón Torfi and Helgi would arrive on Friday. Quite the viking horde.

Kata was hoping to be working at the time, when we booked tickets, so unfortunately couldn't come with us :(

On arrival, we were at first shocked to see how far out in the suburbs our apartment was, though we later learned that it was really quite close. We headed out for lunch, and later had a lovely chilli dinner at Bel and Eggert's place. Hooray!

One point though, because I feel it deserves special mention. We went to the Tourmalet for some after dinner drinks, a bar near Bel and Eggert's place. This is a Tour de France themed bar. Complete with maps, photos, posters, you name it. We were there duringTour de France. They were not showing it. They did not have any charts of the day's progress up anywhere, you would have had no idea that the Tour de France was actually on. Clearly, this place was simply a trendy theme. They did not do well at this.

Otherwise, an excellent first day! One tasty steak and merlot pie, and, if I count correctly, 5 different bars, and our first taste of Deuchars and Caledonian 80 shilling.