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Snæfellsnes with Kata - The South Side

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9-10 July, 2011

Road trip! Kata had lined up some work shooting and editing a series of short videos for some spots all around the country, so with great weather forecast, we took off to Snæfellsnes for a weekend together camping. I'd be her assistant, driver, grip, gaffer, rigger, and generally anything that needed doing while she shot the footage and interviewed people.

We had a lovely drive out, experimenting with the equipment we'd borrowed, and generally getting comfortable with the whole system. Fantastic weather. Just fantastic. We had arranged to interview the owners of Fjöruhúsið, a lovely little beachside cafe at Hellnar, so we parked at Arnarstapi, and took the coast walk over. This is a classic short afternoon walk, about 2.5km, and very pretty.

We then had a lovely afternoon sitting on the deck of the cafe, before returning back to Arnarstapi and setting up camp. But not for long! We thought it might be nice to go up and see the setting sun on Snæfellsjökull itself, so we headed off up the mountain road. However, it was really getting a bit late, and with the very late snow this year, we ran out of road before we got around to the side of the mountain with the sun on it. A nice drive though, with nice views of the sun leaving Arnarstapi (The name of the mountain, and the town at it's feet) and a nice stop at Sönguhellir, a nice old cave in some quite good rock half way up the mountain.

Finally back at camp, we finally took a rest, and played several games of backgammon before bed. (I lost, a lot :)

Tomorrow, onwards around Snæfellsnes, including some new roads for me!

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