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Hafnarfjall with Logi

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5 June, 2011

There were plans of going hiking somewhere, with some other people, but they changed their minds and went bouldering at Öskjuhlíð instead, while Logi and I were packed and walking towards the rendevous. Neither of us were really at all interested in bouldering with the bunny rabbits underneath Perlan, so we turned around and started walking back to another car, while thinking of where to go.

The weather was promising, but a little breezy, so we went north, for a quick jaunt up Hafnarfjall, the mountain overlooking Borgarnes. It had been on the list for a while, so now was the time. A bit of a drive later, and we were on our way up!

It's got a pretty decent path most of the way, once you find the start of it, and though it's pretty continually uphill, it's never that steep, and the path is good enough that you don't have to worry about the scree.

We had plans on doing a circuit marked in the "blue book" that would see us continuing east from the peak and down another ridge, but with the gale force winds, we elected not to get involved in ridge scrambling across scree and very late snow, and returned the way we came. A nice afternoon outing, though no-one would know we were there. The summit logbook is missing a pen!

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