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Watching the Aurora from a hot pot in Hvalfjörður

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9 March, 2011

After a sudden cooolllld snap in Iceland, accompanied by dumping snow, and followed by the sort of crips, blue, delicious late winter/early spring days that make Iceland such a stunningly beautiful place to live, a friend suggested a drive out to look for some Aurora, and possibly a hot pot as well.

I was intrigued, in more ways than one. I hadn't seen many aurora this winter, between living in town, and spending more enjoyable evenings at home with fine company, and less out by myself in the cold, so the aurora were a definite draw. But a hot pot, a hot pot is always a draw. And this was an accessible, outdoor hot pot, right in Hvalfjörður! I almost felt swindled! How come no-one told me about it before! But Logi had never been before either, and only recently heard about it, so it was ok.

We drove out with Sunna, a friend of his from rescue squad training, and Joanne, a friend of Sunna's, visiting Iceland briefly.

A spot of bother finding the right place, but after traipsing around in the countryside, waving a gps in the air, we finally found it, using good old fashioned indicators like, "Follow the hot water pumping line" and "look for the steam and melted snow"

And, firmly and warmly ensconced in a rather fine pool, we proceeded to kick back and enjoy the lights. The wind died down for us while we soaked too, making the final exit from the pool not nearly as chilly as the entrance.

Of course, as usual, the lights were at the most active as we were leaving, but it had been a lovely show regardless, particular so for watching it all while soaking weary bones in hot water.