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Fágun visits Rúnar in Keflavík

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3 October, 2011

Fágun, the Icelandic homebrew club, has a monthly meeting, sometimes in a friendly bar, sometimes in someone's house. Attendance varies from 5-25, there's normally a variety of home brew to taste, sometimes some gadgets on show, stories to tell, advice, lies and bullshit.

For the October meeting, Rúnar invited us all out to Keflavík. He had a big garage, with a pool table, darts, and always had problems trying to get into Reykjavík for a monday night. There were a few other people from Reykjanesbær as well, and it sure sounded like a good idea.

So we rented a bus, and took a whole party out to Keflavík! A good time was had by all, a variety of tastings, pool, darts, and some video from Rúnar's trip to Oktoberfest the week before.