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Reykajnes, Gunnuhver and Krýsuvík with Kata

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3 September, 2011

Kata has had a busy summer making lots of promotional videos, and I got to talk about Krýsuvík, one of my favourite places near town. We took a drive all the way around Reykjanes, visiting the bridge between the continents, Gunnuhver, and round to Krýsuvík and Kleifarvatn.

I hadn't been to Gunnuhver for a few years, not since a period of earthquakes out on Reykjanes, and true to the rumours, it's now much bigger! They've also improved the signage and the roads a lot in the area, which is nice. Again, Reykjanes continues to be an underappareciated gem on the neat geothermal areas of iceland circuit.

We stopped to pick a few blueberries as well, but given how many other pickers we saw, and how close the area is to town, we weren't too suprised that we didn't find many. Seems they had already been picked clean.

Back at Krýsuvík, the weather was changing rapidly back and forth, which meant some wet windy moments while Kata tried to film, but also made for some lovely rainbows :)

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