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Evening tour of Reykjanes with Wolfgang, Kata and Ásta

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29 August, 2012

Wolfgang came for a visit! He was only here for a week, but we still had to something outside of 101, so we took off after work for a whirlwind tour of Reykjanes with Kata and Ásta. Wolfgang himself cooked us a wonderful meat pie which we enjoyed out in the last sun at Rekyjanesvíti.

We also stopped by at Gunnuhver, and found Brímketill, some big sea pots along the road between Grindavík and Reykjanesvíti. Reykjanes has to do some work with their signage. They have lots of signs, but most of them are completely illegible from the road.

With the light failing us, we headed back into town to get to Kaffibarinn before closing! The rest of Wolfgang's stay was just as action packed. Great week.

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