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Golden Circle virgins - Tryggvi and Ewa

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8 December 2012

We were chatting about something, who knows what, and it came to pass that Tryggvi, our good friend Tryggvi, had never been to Gullfoss! Five summers in Ásbyrgi and Mývatn and all over the rest of the country, but he'd never done the Golden Circle. This situation needed rectification!

Coincidentally, Ewelina had a friend visiting, and was looking for a car to borrow. They wanted to drive the Golden Circle!

Now, like all good Icelandic trips, we started with a full seven seats signed up, and were planning a second car for all the good times, but by the time we actually left, bright and early at 10am on a Saturday, we were down to just four. Ewelina and her friend Ewa, and of course, Tryggvi. Though some people did have to be waken, and some people who were woken refused to wake up sufficiently to actually rise.

Still, an excellent day! The weather was fantastic, calm and crisp and blue, and the country coated in it's winter finery.

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