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Australia Zoo

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13 February, 2012

We had a day up our sleeves before taking off for Cairns, so we headed to Australia Zoo. This way, we'd get to see all the australian animals that we might see in the wild, but we'd make sure that we saw them, so any wild spottings were a bonus.

It was a really great day out, though it was a little hot, and quite a few of the animals were resting out of the sun as much as they could, just like humans. Feeding the elephants was awesome, we just happened to be in the right part of the park at the right time, and I was expecting to maybe get to feed them once. But elephants eat a lot, and in smallish chunks, so you could actually go as often as you liked, I think we fed them about 10 times each.

Another interesting bit was seeing koalas in macadamia nut trees. The zoo is built on an old macadamia nut farm, and because they can't possibly grow enough eucalyptus on site for all the koalas, they just let the koalas hang out in the existing trees, and bring in fresh eucalyptus branches from offsite that are put up for them to eat.

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