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Saturday around Kuranda with Keff

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19 February, 2012

For the Saturday, Keff had a friend and her son coming to visit, so we tagged along on a visit to the venom museum in Kuranda, and a scenic drive. The venom museum had some nice stick insects on display, but mostly just a few snakes and spiders. They're apparently a very productive source of venom used to make antivenin, but that's not particularly exciting for tourists :)

The drive took us out onto the table lands, which was a nice change from the coast and the rainforest. We visted the curtain fig, which is certainly an unusual fig tree, and went for a swim in Lake Eacham. Lake Eacham is a lovely colour, but not the most friendly swimming lake. It's a crater laker, and drops off into the depths very quickly. Only a couple of meters out from the shore it's far too deep to touch. Great for jumping out of trees on the shore, not so great for lounging. At least, not without a some floaties :)