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Tingle Trees, Valley of the Giants, Elephant Cove

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28 February, 2012

Running away from the marchflies at our campsite, we got an early start, and headed towards the hilltop road, to look at the giant tingle trees. Not as epically tall as the Karris, but just big.

We had the hilltop road basically to ourselves, then continued on to the valley of the giants, where there's an aerial walkway, and correspondingly, a few more people :) A lovely stroll through the treetops though.

We were now coming back into wine and olive country, and stopped at a couple of places on our way along the coast, before arriving at the bay of elephants. This was spectacular. A truly amazing protected swimming beach, granite boulders and sand, and the great southern ocean crashing against the rocks 100m out. It was a little late when we got there, and a little chilly, but others were swimming. We walked around to the elephants themselves, and they really were amazing elephant shaped boulders. Like a big herd all walking into shore. Really pretty, and great colours, I'd love to go back.

This was about the last of our trip around WA, we had to drive back to Perth that night, and off to Melbourne the next day, and I was really amazed at how awesome the south west part of WA was. Not nearly as barren and desolate as I'd always heard/imagined WA to be.

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