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The 12 Apostles, and the road to Ballarat

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8 March, 2012

Another beautiful day. We got up early so I could go and take some nice morning light pictures at the 12 Apostles. Kata generously got up early to come with me. She's awesome. It really is a pretty spot.

We didn't have all day though! We had dairies to visit, salmon smoking companies to try and find, icecream to taste and a classic old pub hotel to find for the night!

So, we did all of that! We even passed a house with the owner's names clipped into the hedges out front. We also threw in a good session of strawberry picking, because strawberries are delicious. It was amazing how quickly we were back in australia, after the tourist universe of the great ocean road. We stopped seeing the "Drive on the left!" signs, and we started seeing cars that weren't towing caravans. It was a great drive, but I'm pretty glad we weren't doing it on a holiday weekend in midsummer!